3 Rules of drinking on your first date

On the first date, people prefer going to a bar or a restaurant. It is very common to drink on your date. But when you are on your first date, you should follow some drinking rules. Here are the rules.

Don’t take bottomless

If you take order bottomless drink, then it might seem that the guy is trying to get you drunk and take advantage you. It means that the person is not interested in you; he came here only to drink. So, select a place to go where there is no such bottomless option, or if there is, don’t choose that option.

Order drink with food

When a woman goes on a date at a restaurant, she assumes that you are going to order food and pay for it. You can order light food instead of a three-course meal. But make sure you don’t order drink alone; order some food with it.

Don’t try to drink what your partner is drinking

The drinking habits of two people are not same. So, you shouldn’t try to match with your date when it comes to drinking. The guy may be comfortable drinking a few glasses without getting drunk, but you may be just an occasional drinker. The situation may get worse; for example, you may get drunk.

You should keep these three rules in mind when you go on a date. It will help you to enjoy your time instead of wasting it by getting drunk.