5 Things young guys feel sexy about older women

If you are a single woman and over 50 years of age, then you have lots of options in terms of dating. These days, younger men are falling for older women. Here are the five things that attract young men to older women.

They are confident

When you reach the age of 50, you know yourself well. This means that you will have more self-confidence. This is very attractive to young men. When a woman is confident, she is not needy or desperate. She has her life and doesn’t need a man’s attention that much. They are less demanding than the young women.

They look younger than their age

Women now are taking better care of themselves. So, they look young and sexy even at the age of 50. They do everything to stay young looking. They are doing exercise, wearing the right clothes, and taking good care of their skin.

They are experienced

Older women are more experienced in terms of sex, and the young men find it very exciting. They often try to learn from them about how to please a woman in bed. It is fun when you show them what woman like in bed.

They won’t start a family

At the age of 50, a woman crosses the child-bearing phase. This is a relief for the younger men as they don’t have to get tied up in a long-term relationship or start a family.

They are realistic

Older women like the attention they are getting from younger men, but they are also realistic. They know that the relationship won’t last for long. This makes younger guys enter into a stressless relationship.

More young guys are getting attracted to older women these days. So, single women who have reached the age of 50 won’t have to worry about being single anymore.

5 Things that can turn guys off

You should understand the likings and dislikings of your man if you want to have a stronger relationship. There are many things in women that turn off men. Here are some things you should know about.


Nagging turns a man off. They don’t like constant complaints and issues that are raised by girls. If you try to find faults in the guy all the time, he will get frustrated, and it will affect your relationship.

Bad hygiene

Guys hate bad hygiene. They avoid going out with girls who don’t smell good. If you don’t clean yourself properly or keep your hair tidy, then the guy won’t be attracted to you. Guys love fresh breath, your clean hair and the sweet smell of your skin.


When you are committed to someone, you shouldn’t flirt with other guys. This will turn the guy off. When a guy sees you seducing men, he will feel jealous. You should direct your flirting toward your man only.


Guys don’t like girls who keep on blabbering. Guys like to listen, but not all the time. When you talk more than the guy, it creates an imbalance in the conversation.

Bad reputation

Men like good reputation and strong personality. If he knows that you have a reputation of not being in a relationship for a long time, then he will be turned off. Bad morality will also turn guys off.

If you want a man to fall in love with you, then avoid the things just discussed. You should try to understand the guy and find out what he likes.…

3 Rules of drinking on your first date

On the first date, people prefer going to a bar or a restaurant. It is very common to drink on your date. But when you are on your first date, you should follow some drinking rules. Here are the rules.

Don’t take bottomless

If you take order bottomless drink, then it might seem that the guy is trying to get you drunk and take advantage you. It means that the person is not interested in you; he came here only to drink. So, select a place to go where there is no such bottomless option, or if there is, don’t choose that option.

Order drink with food

When a woman goes on a date at a restaurant, she assumes that you are going to order food and pay for it. You can order light food instead of a three-course meal. But make sure you don’t order drink alone; order some food with it.

Don’t try to drink what your partner is drinking

The drinking habits of two people are not same. So, you shouldn’t try to match with your date when it comes to drinking. The guy may be comfortable drinking a few glasses without getting drunk, but you may be just an occasional drinker. The situation may get worse; for example, you may get drunk.

You should keep these three rules in mind when you go on a date. It will help you to enjoy your time instead of wasting it by getting drunk.